Shinsuke Takizawa
"Personal Effects"
Yoshiki Suzuki "Union" Exhibition
From October 14th and 15th, 2017 BELIEF present a special exhibition showing personal collection of Shinsuke Takizawa, who is the chief designer of Japanese brand called NEIGHBORHOOD.

Besides the world of fashion, he is known as one of the most serious collectors of motorcycles, automobiles, modern art, interior and accessories pieces, rare plants and vintage clothing.
In Tokyo 1994, Takizawa founded the first flagship NEIGHBORHOOD store in Harajuku, which became one of the most famous and revered street wear destination in Japan.
Shinsuke Takizawa presented photo exhibition of his friend Yoshiki Suzuki's "UNION" — within this exhibition, Suzuki showed off an entire range from his Peanuts & Co brand.
Fond of old American motorcycles and its counter culture, Takizawa has been repeatedly participated in various motor-cycle and bike races, also attending related exhibitions and events worldwide. His enthusiasm of customizing bike resulted him winning several awards of the customized bike world championship.
Shinsuke Takizawa "Personal Effects"
Yoshiki Suzuki "Union" Exhibition

Produced: BELIEF Foundation & Neighborhood
Curators: Arsen Markaryan & Sergey Kub
Photo: Kirill Sidorov
Video: Timoteus Mockus, Sergey Kub, Sophia Ilinsky, Grisha Nelyubin, Azat Islamov, Ruslan Martynov
Support: Wine & Only, Mamont Vodka, Oleg Parfenov & Kuumba International