Matvey Kayf + ITU
Spy Kayf, together with an ITU engineer, during the last reconnaissance, discovered military and technical boxes of the 70s and 80s that had not been found. Realizing the importance of the elusive moment, Kayf analyzed and processed the found objects, arranging each of them in a certain sequence and adding several elements from recent expeditions.

The reliefs were given the appropriate names - "Multilayer calculation" and "Automatic corner". Each of the reliefs was created according to a similar principle of designing new products based on Japanese wardrobe items in alliance with ITU.

In 2019, the Kayf/ITU technical base begins to refine the silhouette of a Subtropical helmet and hiking bags from the components of the BELIEF project, which included:

Human Made Coat, Rats Shirts, WTAPS Sweatshirt, Black Sign Trousers, Vault by Vans Jacket, RockSteady Trousers &
Nexusvii jacket.
Matvey Kayf x ITU x BELIEF404

Produced: BELIEF Foundation
Curator: Sergey Kub
Object Photo: Matvey Kayf
Illustrations: Alexander Kutovoy
Book Design: Victor Shevchenko
Lookbook Photo: Sergey Kub